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Learn how to extend / renew a Relux licence

Renew a Relux payware licence

On the website, you will find the Subscriptions line in your account under Your Documents

Here you can view and change the status of your licence subscriptions.

If the subscription is active, that is " in progress ", the system will send you, 30 days before the expiry of a licence, an e-mail notification for the new licence, which you can pay automatically by credit card or manually against invoice.

Payment by invoice

By clicking on Confirm, there will be a direct link to a website where the offer will be displayed and where the offer can be confirmed and the invoice validated.

Payment by credit card

If the licence was purchased directly by credit card, the following email will be sent.

Attached to this email is an offer giving all the details of the license renewal.

Ten (10) days before the licence expires, the system will charge the credit card. When the payment has been confirmed, you will receive a notification.

If the invoice could not be paid, you will receive another email 9 days before the licence expires to confirm the payment details.


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