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Learn how to use the Sensors tool in ReluxCad for Revit for optimal positioning.

The sensor planning tool enables the optimum positioning of sensors by visualizing the detection areas in 2D and 3D.

1. Sensors

This button is used to activate or deactivate the tool. If active, the existing detection areas are displayed in 2 dimensions when sensors are placed. These detection areas are only visible in the rough view and represent the area on the floor at an installation height of 2.5 m for radial and tangential movement and 0.75 m above the floor for the presence area.

2. Detection area types

Once the sensor has been positioned, the detection areas are calculated using the effective mounting height. However, only the types activated in the ribbon remain visible. Please note that this only works if the sensor is placed within a room element (MEP or architectural room).

3. Hide all

This function deactivates the detection areas of all instances in the project.

4. 3D Calculation

To analyse the detection more precisely, the detection area can be calculated in 3 dimensions.

5. Remove 3D

This removes all calculated 3D detection areas from the project.

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