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Step 6: Calculate Scene and Back

Learn how to connect back to ReluxDesktop in order to calculate a room made in AutoCAD.

After you have successfully defined the scene in AutoCAD, you can call up the  Relux Interface  by pressing  Select room .

Select a room open menu

Click on  Start Relux , and the room will automatically open in the Relux lighting calculation program, where you can continue working on it.

To go back to AutoCAD from Relux, please select the AutoCAD icon in the Relux menu bar or close Relux (see below).

AutoCAD icon in the Relux menu bar.

Luminaires automatically placed with Relux Express after room selection.

Notice: Usually , the luminaires will be selected and put in place before the room is transferred for calculation in CAD.

For further information read the article on luminaire selection:

Step 2: Luminaire selection in ReluxCAD

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Realtime Rendering - Screen Capture


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