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System Requirements

What are the minimum system requirements for ReluxCAD for AutoCAD?

This program has been developed for all users:

    - who have an AutoCAD (not LT!) full Version 2008 – 2017 and wish to use it for planning lighting.
    - who place real luminaires in their 2D plans by means of AutoCAD and wish to present the results obtained in their plans.
    - who require 3D luminaire data from the luminaire manufacturers in the form of a 3D object (block) in their own 3D plans.
    - who wish to export 3D objects from the AutoCAD environment into the lighting planning and visualisation programs of ReluxDesktop and ReluxPro.

This program runs under all MS operating systems as of Windows 10.

To be able to install ReluxCAD 2017 on your system, you require an executable version of AutoCAD (as of Version 2008),

as well as the most recent version ReluxDesktop program.

If you already have the ReluxCAD 2015 Version, you can continue to use this with ReluxSuite.

To do this, you should call up the ReluxCAD Selector program (under Start -> Programs -> ReluxSuite) prior to starting AutoCAD and then switch to the required version.

This can be useful when working on running projects, in particular.

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Realtime Rendering - Screen Capture


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