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Construct a scene from a CAD plan

Learn how to build a scene based on a CAD (.dwg, .dxf)

The new ReluxDesktop offers two different possibilities of importing CAD files (.dwg or.dxf)

1. The first option involves selecting the  Interior with plan , or Exterior with plan option in the Start menu of ReluxDesktop and to design a new scene using an imported CAD Plan. 

2. The second option is to import further CAD files into an existing scene.

ReluxDesktop > Import & Export > Add further CAD Drawing to a scene

In this article we will demonstrate to you how to create a new scene by importing a CAD-Plan.

Follow the  Import > CAD-Plan


Start menu  “CAD-Import”

In general the following applies: the new powerful CAD interface allows you to import any *.dwg or *.dxf file format data in a few steps. 

Click the option Interior with plan  and follow these steps:

Step 1: Enter project data

Step 2 (for interior projects only): Specify the type of interior project (Interior scenes/ Floor)

Step 3: Select a file (*.dwg or *.dxf)

Step 4: Set the scale (often 1000/m for interior and 1/m for exterior installations)

Step 5: Rotate the drawing (requires knowledge of drawing, otherwise continue)

Step 6: Set the origin (requires knowledge of drawing, otherwise continue)

Step 7: Capture the actual Relux scene

In Step 1, you can specify the type of interior project (Interior scenes/ Floor)

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