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How to use the Relux Raytracing calculation

Kurt Bieri

The raytracing calculation is based on a version of Radiance that has been revised by Relux. 

This verified method, which has been validated worldwide, is noted for its accurate calculation results. 

A ray tracer is a complex tool with many adjustable parameters which need to be set by the user. 

To use the raytracing calculation, just open the calculation manager of ReluxDesktop.

Relux Raytracer offers two modes for doing calculations: 

- in the standard mode the most important parameters are set automatically depending on the chosen quality setting, only the number of diffuse interreflexions 

can be specified separately. For normal scenes, these automatic settings deliver very good results already, with acceptable calculation times.

- For specific demands, Relux Raytracer additionally offers an expert mode, which makes it possible to control the execution of the program separately for the 

different individual tasks of a lighting simulation, like the direct or indirect part of the illumination calculation, or special adjustments for daylight scenes, etc.

Note: Both modes are independent. This then offers the option of setting low quality values in the standard mode for quick preview renderings in the chosen image format 

and, at the same time, setting high quality values in the expert mode dialog. Afterwards, one can easily switch between the two approaches by simply activating / deactivating the expert mode.

ReluxDesktop raytracing calculation