Planning in ReluxCAD


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Synchronising changes in Relux

Kurt Bieri

ReluxDesktop takes over all the room geometries compiled with ReluxCAD in AutoCAD and the positioning of the luminaires.

Conversely, all the changes made in Relux will automatically be aligned in the corresponding AutoCAD project. 

When conducting a lighting-engineering check on a project, it is thus possible to make corrections without having to switch to AutoCAD or without AutoCAD needing to be open.

When one of the programs is ended, the project in the other one will automatically be updated to the latest status.

You can also make your AutoCAD or Relux files available to other planners for them to work on. 

As soon as you integrate the files worked on by outside partners in your system again and further process them with ReluxCAD, 

the data in AutoCAD and Relux will be synchronised once more.

Note: ReluxCAD only supports AutoCAD versions as of AutoCAD 2014.