General settings and user interface


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ReluxCAD interface in AutoCAD - 2D planning

Kurt Bieri

ReluxCad Toolbar


Defines the reference block and the scaling of the drawing and symbols. Dialog for project settings.

Luminaire selection / Single placing

Starts the selection of the luminaires. This is where you allocate individual 2D symbols to the luminaires. The positioning command is used to place luminaires on the plan.

Place luminaire group. Row and group placing

Luminaires can be placed in groups according to a wide range of criteria.

Place luminaire circle. Circle planning

Luminaires can be placed in a circle, as a segment or in an elliptical shape.

Copy symbols; ask for positions and angles  

Luminaire symbols that have already been placed can be inserted several times over and also rotated.

Delete duplicate symbols 

Deletes duplicate symbols (symbols that are in the same position & angle).

Correct layer 

Checks all symbols in respect of their layers and allocates them the intended layer for luminaire symbols, where appropriate.

Parts list

Inserts (or updates) a list of all the luminaires available in the room (see also Chapter entitled “Insert parts list”).

Draft layer (1 – 4) 

Four different layers with which you can draw straight lines or beams as auxiliary lines. 

These auxiliary lines can be used to orient the luminaires, for example.


Dialog window for setting templates, reference block, symbol path and help layer.

About ReluxCAD / Contact 

This shows your current program version as well as a contact address, should you require support.