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Draw polygonal scenes (exterior)

Kurt Bieri

Define a new exterior project, or add a new exterior Scene to your project (New project > Exterior). 

Choose a rectangular, or – in this case - polygonal scene shape as required. If desired you can Edit nominal values as of EN 12464-2 (optional)


               Selection of exterior scene: rectangular                                                                              Selection of exterior scene: polygonal

Edit nominal values as of EN 12464-2 (optional)  

After that dialog, you will be in 2D edit mode, where you can define the room shape and the length of each wall click by click. 

You can end this 2D edit mode with a double click or the ENTER key.

 2D edit mode

Set the extrusion direction

If you want to add or remove corner points, select the scene and find the Insert vertex, or Delete vertex command in the menu Start 

(as shown in the article Draw polygonal interior scenes). 

Click on the corner point to move it, or to delete it, click on the blue line between two corner points to add a new point.

Delete, or Insert vertex

click on the corner point to move it

Note: During the drawing command, you can change the snap grids or use zoom functionalities. 

The backspace key will remove the last corner point.

Uncalculated 3D-view of this scene

3D objects in Relux Desktop

Note: There are various kinds of 3D objects available to design the exterior scene more detailed. Therefore you can select: Insert > 3D Object