New Member - OSRAM

New Member - OSRAM

We are delighted to welcome OSRAM Digital Systems as a new member of the RELUX brand portfolio. We are inviting you to find out more about OSRAM products and place the newly available sensors from the RELUX database in your planning.

Thanks to RELUX members, their products can be placed free of charge by ReluxDesktop users.  

OSRAM Digital Systems stands for excellence in LED technology - from the smallest component to the complete system, from customised products to large-scale installations. Sensors are also part of the product portfolio.

The solutions are durable, versatile, future-proof and offer maximum creativity. Serve entire cities, office towers and greenhouses with intelligent technology. Whether in industry, at trade fairs, in car parks or in retail shops, OSRAM quality components always deliver radiant moments of light with precise sensor technology

Planning with sensors from OSRAM

As a bus system for sensor technology, DALI-2 is becoming larger, more successful and more important.

Plan with the new product family of DALI-2 sensors from OSRAM Digital Systems in Relux database. The products are also directly available in ReluxDesktop.
Place sensors and plan in ReluxDesktop & ReluxCAD for Revit

We will show you how to place sensors and plan in the ReluxDesktop software. Extract from the RELUX Knowledge Database.

Download ReluxDesktop

Update or download to the latest ReluxDesktop version to take advantage of the latest features such as the 3D real-time renderer.


New Member - OSRAM
Relux Informatik AG, Thomas Rüegg 17 January, 2023
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