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Construct a scene from a CAD plan

Kurt Bieri

The new ReluxDesktop offers two different possibilities of importing CAD files (of *.dwg/*.dxf formats):

The first option involves selecting the “Interior with plan”, or  “Exterior with plan” option 

in the Start menu of ReluxDesktop and to design a new scene using an imported CAD Plan. 

The second option is to import further CAD files into an existing scene. To view this article click here. 

In this article we will demonstrate to you how to create a new scene by importing a CAD-Plan.

Follow the “Import-> CAD-Plan“.

Start menu “CAD-Import”

In general the following applies: The new powerful CAD interface allows you to import any *.dwg or *.dxf file format data in a few steps. 

Click the option “Interior with plan” and follow these steps:

Step 1: Enter project data

Step 2 (for interior projects only): Specify the type of interior project (Interior scenes/ Floor)

Step 3: Select a file (*.dwg or *.dxf)

Step 4: Set the scale (often 1000/m for interior and 1/m for exterior installations)

Step 5: Rotate the drawing (requires knowledge of drawing, otherwise continue)

Step 6: Set the origin (requires knowledge of drawing, otherwise continue)

Step 7: Capture the actual Relux scene

In Step 1, you can specify the type of interior project (Interior scenes/ Floor)

Select a CAD file: dwg or dxf.

Note: You will find in the directory “examples” some sample CAD files which allow you to try out the next steps.

Determine the scale

Rotate the drawing if required.

Define the originating point of the scene

After Step 6, you can access the floor plan where you can define each corner of your scene. 

For efficient working, we suggest that you use the CAD object snap and deactivate the raster snap. 

For this, you will find the toolbar on the right side of the workspace.

CAD-Object Snap.

Note: We recommend you to grasp the corner points of the room counterclockwise 

and to set at the bottom left the first corner point of the room.

Draw scene (interior)

By double-clicking or using the Enter key you can complete entering the scene geometry. 

The procedure is analogous to constructing the polygonal areas.

3D View

Alternative way to draw a scene: by using one of the following commands will extrude elements based on CAD drawing vectors, or curves.

Note: For an indoor lighting design, we recommend that the design be performed for each floor, or individual room, 

instead of rebuilding the entire scenery in a single scene.

As you can see, there are, however, many different possibilities.

In the following, we have compiled the icons and dialog boxes which will assist you in working with CAD drawings:

Icon for the dialog “Drawing properties” in the lower right corner of this tool palette.

Enable and disable Object Snap. Tool palette of CAD Object Snap (below).Enable and disable Drawing, for example, a Layer “Show CAD-Plan”.

Enable and disable Drawing, for example, a Layer “Show CAD-Plan”.

CAD plan properties

CAD snap properties